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At Phoenix Engineering Australia we set the bar high. Our benchmark standard of service is that of excellence. Our mission is to be innovative in our engineering solutions and vigilantly guard every customer relationship.

Founded by Glen Down as a reputable and reliable source of engineering expertise, Phoenix Engineering continues in the proud tradition of providing only the very best in engineering services and profiling products driven by sound internal management practices.

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Phoenix Engineering Equipment  -10kw laser cutting

Specialist shop based manufacturing

Phoenix Engineering profiling Project - Street Art
AZ50 HD Sainless steel 31mm thick
600 NB pipe cut by HGG pipe profiling machine
Scope of profiling
  • Grade 250 & 350 Steel.
  • 304 SS & 316 SS.
  • Bisalloy Steels; 80, 400, 500.
  • Floor Plate.
  • 100 T Stock.
  • Thickness 0.1 mm to 100 mm.
Other services
  • Pressing - 300 T x 4 m.
  • Drilling – 4 machines.
  • Slitting of bean webs or flanges.
  • Cutting holes & Cut-outs in webs & flanges.
  • Fabrication.
Phoenix Engineering profiling Project - Street Art

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